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Playcare ®
[our primary service]
Dogs get unlimited play within customized groups, devised for their comfort and enjoyment. Our unique set-up allows us to hand pick groups to ensure healthy play between dogs that get along. Groups change daily depending on dogs attending and their moods on that day.

Private Lessons 
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Dog Wranglers provide constant supervision as well as cuddle time and games of fetch. There are also Little Tykes play sets and a bubble machine for those with extra energy and dexterity. All dogs get a much appreciated nap between 12:00 noon and 2:00 p.m. Those less social dogs are rotated between kennel runs and individual playpens with one or two specially chosen playmates.

Full Day
7:00 a.m - 9:00 p.m.

Half Day
Up to five hours. A less expensive alternative for those who still want their dogs to blow off some steam. These dogs may or may not get a nap.

Up to two hours. Lets your dog work off excess energy while you work off yours at the gym or by running errands.

Field Trips
Customized, extracurricular activities such as hikes and romps on the beach. All dogs are on leash at all time for their safety. Currently hikes are Monday and Thursdays. 
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A Romp at the Beach

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[okay, boarding]
All the benefits of Playcare plus feedings (dog food is provided at an extra charge), any special medication and overnight care. Boarding dogs get out for walks once a day (depending on staffing & weather )with a Dog Wrangler. Dogs sleep in kennel runs or crates with their housemates or a friend. Beds are provided for non-destructive dogs and blankets for those who like to chew on their bedding. Lights are out from 9:30 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. A Dog Wrangler sleeps on the premises so your dog is never left alone. 

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A day of beauty 
[better known as grooming]
Your dog receives the full spa treatment from nose to tail. Grooming includes: shampoo, cream rinse, manicure, pedicure, ear cleaning and a blow dry. Anal glands are not emptied. Medicated and aromatherapy shampoos are available by request. Please call to make an appointment.

We also offer anesthesia-free teeth cleaning through Barbara Bell, Smart Mouth Teeth Cleaning. She usually comes the first friday of each month. Call us directly for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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Miranda Alcott - Animal Communicator

Do you experience your animal communicating with you but you just can't figure out what she is saying?


Are you Sensing that there must be more in your animal's world than you are able to access?


If you have ever felt that your animal has something to say, or wish you could deepen the connection with your companion, Miranda can help you to Listen to your beloved animal .


Miranda told me very specific things that only the dog and I knew—images she had gotten from my canine companion.  She was not vague, there was no woo-woo (her term), she could not have been guessing.  I am a skeptic, but became completely convinced of Miranda’s gift and am forever grateful for what she did for my beloved companion and me during this most difficult transition.”  

- Pamela Lane - Producer, NBC, FOX, UPN, ABC, Family, Lifetime, Animal Planet


  "Miranda, I am so blessed to know you. The session yesterday was holy time-that's the best way to describe it. Your presence is so calming, so grounded, you are a very clear channel and the way you articulate the information is perfect. The wisdom you embody comes across with conviction without being teachy or lecturing. I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

-  Victoria Koutavas


"Miranda Specializes in helping people to understand what their animals have to teach them." 

 - Dr. Ron Hulnick, President of University of Santa Monica

The best way to schedule an appointment with your animal, or for yourself, (yes, Miranda works with Humans too), is to call 877-787-0009


Urban Dog University 
[continuing education for you and your dog]

Private Lessons
Kim is training again! Call for details :)

Pricing (As of Jan 17, 2014)

Interview No Charge
Playcare Full Day $39
Playcare Half Day $25 <5 hours
Workout Special $12 (Free with PPCard!)
Boarding $52/night
Private Training Speak with Kim
Private Suite Boarding $75/night
Grooming $40-$200 varies by services
Field Trips* ($40 - $100) 
* Contingent upon customer request
Discounts Ask about our Pre-Paid Cards
*Holiday boarding rates are higher. Please call to inquire.

Please note that all Pre-Payments are NON-REFUNDABLE!

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Getting to know you.
[what we glean from your registration anyway]
The registration process helps us to provide the best possible care for your dog. In combination with information gathered from a personal interview, we'll develop a profile to better understand your dog's unique wants/needs and to help insure the safety and well being of all Urban Dog dogs. 

Simply complete the registration form and print it out. Then email or call us to schedule an appointment for an interview (required). There is no charge for the interview. SIGN US UP!

Your dog's watch dog.
[membership really does have its privileges]
Your dog is never far from help when they're an Urban Dog dog. We're there to back you up 24-hours a day. Just add our name and number to your dog's identification tag and a simple phone call will bring us to the rescue should it ever be needed. 
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